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CNC Post Processor

CNC Probing

CNC Simulation

CNC Probe Transform

CanikSoft Post-Processor

C&S Post-Processor

CanikSoft not only provides solutions to run your machine. CanikSoft provides more advanced PostProcessing solutions. We also provide solutions for all kind of CNC machines.

CanikSoft Post-Processor

C&S Probe

Probing operations can be defined in CanikSoft including 5 axis. Probing results can be used to verify the part or to transform the toolpath. There is no need a CAM software to define probing operations.

G-Code Simulasyon

C&S G-Code Simulator

Simulation and Post-Processing on same user interface. Just one click to start simulation. Automatic reading tool & holder informations from CAD-CAM software.

CanikSoft Post-Processor

C&S Probe Transformation

The toolpath which comes from CAM software can be transformed in CanikSoft. (Translate, Rotate, Mirror, Scale, AxisToAxis, Probe). It is also possible to transform the toolpath regarding probing results.

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