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N11 S200 M03
N12 G69
N13 M43 M46
N14 G00 G90 A0.000 C0.000
N15 M44 M47
N16 G68.2 P1 Q123 I0 J0 K0
N17 G00 X-61.000 Y-29.500
N18 G43 Z27.000 H8
N19 M08
N20 G01 G94 Z-28.000 F3000
N21 G01 X-60.570 Y-29.481 F2000
N22 X-60.231 Y-29.441

N23 X-59.817 Y-29.358

N24 X-59.494 Y-29.268

G-Code Simulation Software

CanikSoft G-Code Simulation software runs on same interface with Post-Processing software. It automatically reads tool, holder, part, stock and fixture informations from CAM system. Simulation software designed for minimum setup requirements. The simulation can be started in a few clicks. 


CanikSoft G-Code Simülation software can dedect all collisions. The collisions, limits or G-Code problems reported to the user and user has ability to get detailed information about the problems reported.


The machine simulation can be seen in single step mode or continues mode using the speed slider. Also it is possible to check all G-Code data on fast mode without seeing the simulation. All problems will be reported and user has ability to see the details about problems.


30 Free Trial


It is possible to try CanikSoft Simulation software before buying it. Just inform us the machine type and the CAD CAM system used. Use it 30 days free then decide to buy or not.




DMG DMU65 MonoBlock


Collision Dedection

The software can dedects all collisions.

Cutting Stock

Cutting the stock material



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